State Initiatives

Abortion is Legal in Georgia

Now is the time to repeal the dozens of unjust abortion laws in Georgia, and to pass policy changes that help us access abortions when we need them, free of bias or barriers, and start families and raise children on our own terms.

Access Reproductive Justice, California

The vision for ACCESS REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE, founded in 1993, was not only to provide information and practical support on all aspects of reproductive health, but to build a community actively working to meet the real needs of people. ACCESS removes barriers to sexual and reproductive health care and strengthens the power of Californians to demand health, justice, and dignity.

Alaska Right to Life

The LIFE At Conception Act is a comprehensive bill that eliminates legalized child killing in Alaska from the moment of conception without exception to the child’s age, level of development, disability, sex, nature of conception, or any other distinguishing characteristic.

All Above All

All* Above All is a catalyst for abortion justice. We envision a world where abortion care is affordable, available, and supported for everyone who needs it.

Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom

Arizonans for Reproductive Freedom is working to give you a voice and a vote this November with a ballot initiative to amend our state constitution to protect our rights. We believe that every person should be able to make their own decisions about their healthcare and family.

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Founded in April of 2016, Arkansas Abortion Support Network (AASN) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to reduce barriers to abortion access in Arkansas.

Arkansas Coalition for Reproductive Justice

We’re working to co-create a world where all people have the social, political & economic power and resources to make healthy decisions about our gender, bodies, sexuality & families for ourselves & our communities


It’s up to us to stop new Texas abortion restrictions before they are exported to other states. Through community-building, education, and political advocacy, Avow is working hard to secure unrestricted abortion care and reproductive rights and freedom for every Texan.

Florida Access Network

Florida Access Network builds pathways for abortion access by advocating for reproductive justice, funding abortion care, and providing logistical support.

Floridians for Reproductive Freedom

We are united to educate about the importance of, and advocate for, convenient, affordable and safe access to the full range of reproductive health care – from abortion to birth control to evidence-based sex education. We do this by exposing the flawed programs and policies pushed by anti-abortion organizations and policy-makers. We promote policies, programs and reforms that advance the social and economic benefits of reproductive freedom. We envision a future where all Floridians have access to comprehensive reproductive health care, including abortion, with dignity and respect.

Pro Choice Georgia

Abortion Access in Georgia Read below to learn more about the hurdles Georgians face when seeking abortion care.

Pro Choice MN

For more than fifty years, we have been fighting for women’s reproductive rights in Minnesota. Although our goals and tactics have changed throughout the years with the political climate, our fundamental ideals have remained the same: that reproductive choice is a constitutional right essential to women’s lives, and that abortion should be safe, legal, and accessible.

Protect Kentucky

Protect Kentucky is a collection of non-profit and community organizations across the Commonwealth that are coming together for the purpose of stopping and defeating the ballot initiative in Kentucky that seeks to end the right to an abortion.

Rosie’s Law

No one should be denied abortion care because of how much money they make or how they get their health insurance. Rosie’s Law is historic legislation that would restore health insurance coverage of abortion for Texans.

Take Action Minnesota

The problems we face are bigger than one campaign, one issue, or one election. We need a statewide, multiracial movement to change who decides and who benefits in Minnesota. And we need you to be part of that. Join us. Let us know what you’re interested in and we will get you connected with our work.

Tampa Bay Abortion Fund

TBAF removes financial and logistical barriers to abortion access. We specifically assist pregnant people seeking abortion at providers in several counties surrounding Tampa Bay.

Texas Abortion Access Network Collaborative

We are committed to creating a diverse movement of people from every corner of the state to expand essential health care access for all Texans. Texas is huge, but together we are creating a tightly woven network of folks who stand up for abortion rights, no matter where they are being attacked. Together we will make a future for Texas that gives people the ability to control their destiny!

Texas Equal Access Fund

Texas Equal Access Fund provides funding to low-income people in the northern region of Texas who are seeking abortion and cannot afford it, while simultaneously working to end barriers to abortion access through community education and shifting the current culture toward reproductive justice.

The Georgia Reproductive Justice Agenda

The Georgia Reproductive Justice Agenda is a living document reflecting the policy changes we need in our state. Throughout 2020, over three dozen organizations convened to develop a slate of shared reproductive health, rights, and justice goals to guide our proactive state policy efforts for the year. This agenda will become a multi-year effort and evolve over time; it includes longer-term goals that keep us going, as well as emerging possibilities and changes we think can be won right now. Some of these goals have sparked issue campaigns that Amplify helps incubate with our partners who lead them.

Advocate For Change: Yellow Hammer Fund

Yellowhammer Fund is an abortion fund and reproductive justice organization dedicated to ensuring that all people can make autonomous decisions about their needs and access necessary resources regardless of race, income, location, age, marriage status, documentation, gender or ability.

Unrestrict MN

UnRestrict Minnesota works to protect, expand, and destigmatize access to abortion care—and all reproductive healthcare—in Minnesota through public education, advocacy, and the law.