Episode 10: The New Normal

In the months following the overturn of Roe v Wade, pregnant people in America have had to adjust to the “new normal” where national protections on abortion care no longer exist. Voters have made it clear in the recent mid-terms that abortion rights are an important issue for them. Healthcare providers have also had to adapt, including, in some cases, moving services out of restrictive states. A new all-trimester abortion clinic opens in Maryland and other providers give an update on how they are finding solutions to providing abortion care, one day at a time.

Episode 9: A Matter of Life or Death

When staying pregnant is a matter of life or death, when does the survival of the mother, or pregnant person, become the priority? As abortions are removed as an option in the treatment plan for patients with severe health conditions – can the consequences prove fatal?

Episode 8: Abortion 2.0

Movement leaders — striving to ensure all people have access to abortion since the fall of Roe — contend that the current and future success of abortion care is the abortion pill. Whether obtaining the pill at clinics, via telemedicine providers, or a self-managed abortion (SMA), access to abortion pills levels out the playing field for millions of people who otherwise might not have access, particularly youth, BIPOC, LGBTQI++, and under-resourced people. In this episode, leaders in the abortion pill space break down how to get them, use them, and why they’re critical.

Episode 7: United FOR Choice

As states in the US move to restrict abortion following the Roe v Wade overturn, pro-choice activists, are moving just as fast in designing creative ways to ensure access to abortion access for all people – regardless of what state they live in. Whether it be codifying abortion protections into law, passing decriminalization policy at the city level, or mobilizing communities to share resources — grassroots organizers are making waves. We follow organizers far and wide- from Kansas to Texas to Arizona – to see how they get the job done.

Episode 6: Abortion Defenders

Following the fall of Roe v. Wade, Michigan women face an uncertain future due to a 1931 “zombie law ” on the books that would criminalize abortion. Mobilizing into action are a pro-choice mother-daughter duo and an army of volunteer escorts at Northland Family Planning who protect clinic patients from armed protesters or “Anti’s.” Due to Michigan being an open-carry state, the escorts wear bodycams to monitor the” Anti’s” activity. Lead Escort Marie and other volunteers mobilize to get enough signatures for a ballot initiative to amend outdated laws — and keep abortion legal in Michigan.

Episode 5: When ROE FELL

This special episode chronicles the weeks leading up to the fall of Roe v. Wade on June 24th, 2022. For months, abortion providers have been anticipating the SCOTUS decision that will overturn Roe v. Wade. In some states, clinics have already gotten a taste of a post-Roe world due to total bans — like in Oklahoma. Elsewhere, clinic staff work tirelessly to help as many people as possible get their abortion care before clinics are forced to shutter their doors.

Preview: When ROE FELL

Abortion providers have been anticipating the hammer to fall on Roe v. Wade for months. In some states, clinics have gotten a taste of a post-Roe world due to total bans — like in Oklahoma. Elsewhere, clinic staff works tirelessly to provide as many abortions as possible before they are forced to shutter their doors. Join us next week for those stories from the frontlines of When Roe Fell.

Episode 4: Abortion Desert Oasis

After Samira*, 39, a Pakistani mother of two, learns the pregnancy she wanted has a severe fetal anomaly, she travels from her home in Texas to a clinic in Phoenix, AZ. The clinic is an oasis in the abortion desert as bans begin to restrict reproductive healthcare across southern states. After waiting in line all morning, Samira finally receives the abortion she needs.

Episode 3: Keeping Hope Alive

When an African American mother of four from Texas becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she must travel to a small, overwhelmed clinic in Louisiana to get the abortion she needs to keep her family afloat. The staff at the clinic struggle to keep up with the demand for services, despite ever increasing legal restricitions, as well as daily threats to their safety from anti-abortion protestors.

Episode 2: God Trusts Me

When a single, hardworking, Black mother of three learns she is pregnant, she prioritizes her family’s future and boards a plane to seek abortion care in New Mexico.

Episode 1: A Prayer for Choice

Led by the dynamic Reverend Daniel Kanter, a passionate group of clergy, counselors, clinic staff, and volunteers run a travel program that helps pregnant Texans circumvent state restrictions on reproductive healthcare. The group covers the costs and logistics to shepherd 20 individuals twice a month to New Mexico to terminate their pregnancies. On this trip, an 18-year-old Latina mother who wants to provide a stable future for her toddler takes the journey.

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